Keystone Sporting Arms manufactures the leading brand of aftermarket stocks, Revolution Stocks. Revolutionís aftermarket stocks are also premium replacement stocks. Revolution Stocks come in several sizes and shapes, to fit many different rifles and handguns. These replacement stocks are thumbhole stocks or standard stocks. We have laminated thumbhole stocks as well as standard walnut stocks, oak stocks, and other hard wood stocks. Revolution manufactures a variety of stocks for the Remington 597. Also available are replacement stocks for the Marlin .917 and the Savage .93. The Tundra aftermarket stock will fit the Remington 700 ADL as well as the Remington 700 BDL. Stocks are also available for the Ruger 77 MK11 and the Weatherby MKV. Aftermarket stocks for the Winchester 70 are also offered. Revolution also offers stocks for the Savage 10 and Savage 110, and offers aftermarket stocks for the Mossberg 835. Stocks for the Encore Standard are also available.

Revolution Stocks also offers a wide variety of styles for individual guns. Aftermarket stocks for both the right handed Remington 7600 rifle set and the left handed Remington 7600 rifle set are available. Stocks for the Remington 870 shotgun are also offered, in 12 gauge sets and 10 gauge sets. Replacement stocks for both the right handed Remington 870 rifle set and the left handed Remington 870 rifle set are available. The Tundra Varmint thumbhole stocks are able to fit a number of different guns. This particular stock fits the Savage 12, Savage 112, Ruger 77, Remington 700, Weatherby VG, as well as the Winchester M70.

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