Remington Aftermarket Stocks

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Revolution provides a variety of aftermarket laminate stocks for Remington 597, Remington 700, Remington 870, and Remington 7600. Click on the below links to view the details on each available Remington stock.

Remington 597 Stocks

remington 597 stock

There a (2) styles of aftermarket Remington 597 stocks available: Tundra, Trailblazer

Remington 700 Stocks

remington 700 sotcks

There (4) styles of aftermarket Remington 700 stocks: Varmint, Heritage, Tundra and Long Range

Remington 870 Stocks

remington 870 stocks

Revolution provides Remington 870 Thumbhole Stocks

Remington 7600 Stocks

remington 7600 stocks

Revolution provides Remington 7600 Thumbhole Stocks